Nacho, tenth anniversary as a madridista: ‘I hope there will be many more’

The homegrown defender of Real Madrid, Nacho
Fernandez, celebrates 10 years in the first team, a dream for a player who comes from the quarry. For this reason, RMTV has wanted to show his feelings at a time when, in addition, he is being one of the most important players for Zidane.

“The Real Madrid He has given me everything. I say that he is also my family and I do not think of a life without him Real Madrid. He has taught me everything: education, values, knowing how to win and knowing how to lose. It is not only a football club, but it is a family. I am very grateful to be here and to continue being part of this great team. Hopefully it will be for many more years ”.

First goal as a madridista

“I had to leave at the end of the game, I don’t know if half an hour or twenty minutes. I think we were playing that game with one less and we were winning. It was a center that put me Arbeloa from the left wing and I, who was a right back, finished off. Score a goal in the Bernabeu it is always amazing. Seeing people get up and noticing how the stadium vibrates was very nice ”.

Spanish selection

“For an elite player and of the Real
Madrid playing with your national team is perhaps the best. Also, in my debut game in the World Cup I scored a goal, and the feeling I had there I have rarely had again. Raising a country, knowing that there are many people behind it, and the responsibility of defending this shirt is something very beautiful, and scoring a goal much more ”.