“My son has extraordinary conditions”

Julen Guerrero has been the protagonist in the second chapter of ‘Friends Talks’. The former Athletic player has spoken quite naturally about his son Julen Jon, who is currently active in Cadet A of Real Madrid after arriving from Malaga and who is always in the pools to play one day in the Atletico. “For me it has extraordinary conditions. Since he started playing at the age of four, he has excelled in all categories. He has very strong offensive conditions, in the participation in the game, in the arrival, in the goal, in making the team play when he participates … They are very good conditions. Above all, this way of knowing how to participate and at the same time being in the auction area is not easy. And he has it. In this regard, his progress is being very good, “said the current coach under-15 and under-16 to questions from journalists Alberto Pereiro (Zero Wave), Sergio Santos (AS) and Pablo Egea (Brand).

The portugalujo, that municipio sold ’a thousand wonders his municipality talking about its tourist possibilities with a background photograph of the suspension bridge, knows that it is a good first step, but that there is much ahead. “He has to be very happy, but what I always tell him, that you have to keep working and be better every day. You have to see the future with optimism but knowing that it is hard to get there and that the work you have to do every day must be constant. For me he has conditions, he is working hard and he has a lot of ambition. Hopefully I can make it to the top. If he arrives, I think he can give a lot of himself ”.

The footballer who marked an era in Athletic spoke naturally of his son: “I live it with great hope that he is happy in what he likes. These are questions that I am often asked, but I see it as normal. Life comes as it comes, we must move forward. He played in the lower categories of Malaga, he has the right to play football. We give normality to the subject, knowing that they can ask you these questions, but nothing more. You see that I answer them very naturally and he also takes it very naturally. I do not give much more importance, “he added.

The player who carried number 8 on his back also spoke of the Cup final and the decision of Athletic, Real Sociedad and Federación to postpone it until when necessary so that there is an audience in the stands of La Cartuja. “For me, Athletic fans are the soul of the club, is what maintains the entity, what gives the necessary plus in difficult times. A final without that hobby, which is what day by day is covering you, would be sad. On the other hand, you lose the option to play in Europe or not, because Athletic still has time to recover positions to be seventh.. Has time. If you stay out, it is money that I imagine the club will have valued, ”he began saying.

But what hurts him the most that the match for the KO title is played next year is that there can not be players who end their contract this season. Aduriz He has already communicated that this is his last campaign as a footballer and the doubt remains in the cases of Beñat and Saint Joseph, who end their contract on June 30 and their future is not yet known. “For me the most difficult situation is that of the players who are not there. There are footballers who are going to leave the squad now in June. Or even put yourself in the situation that any of the technical bodies does not reach February, for whatever reason … This is a situation that saddens me because Those who have reached the final are this Athletic squad and this Real squad. They are the ones who deserve to play the final. It is a hard moment for the player who does not play, it is a sad moment ”.