‘My relationship with Cholo is very good, he always tries to help me’

Joao Felix, Atletico Madrid player, was in charge of accompanying Diego Simeone

at the official press conference prior to this Wednesday’s match against Chelsea. He is Portuguese, he made it clear that his relationship with the coach is very good.

How are you at Atlético?

“I am happy here. There are not so good phases, maybe it will be one of them and I am sure that I am going to pass it ”.

Is defensive work costing you?

“In Benfica I had to defend, in the national team as well and here too, it’s something that needs to be done.”

Who was the celebration against Villarreal for?

“I already put a post on Instagram that it was for Lodi. You like to talk about things you don’t know and that’s why it creates controversy ”.

How was the Lodi celebration forged?

“The Lodi thing was before the game, he was biting me, saying he didn’t score a goal and when I scored, I made the gesture for him.”

How is your relationship with Simeone?

“My relationship with Cholo is very good, he always tries to help me and we are here to help each other.”

Do you lack the will?

“I don’t know, the truth is that talent doesn’t come without will. We have many examples of very talented players who lacked something to reach the top and I don’t want to be one of them, that’s why I try to put my talent and my will to the team ”.

Has the time for João Félix come?

“The moment has to be all the games, in the Champions League, in the Cup, in the League, and we have always been a very good group, not individually, we are an incredible group and so we have to enter tomorrow and that is how we are going to leave.”