‘My grandfather gave me 50 cents for each goal’

The Peruvian international Renato
Wall considers that all the “sacrifices” he has made since childhood have “been worth it” because he has fulfilled his dream of being a professional footballer, something that his father, said, was convinced he would achieve.

“I started playing soccer when I was three years old. Before I knew I was going to be a footballer, my father already knew. He was one hundred percent convinced ”, commented the midfielder of the Celtic, the first protagonist of the new section that the Galician club has launched on its channel under the title “My life in photos”.

Wall, indisputable in the celestial eleven since his arrival last summer, he admits that he misses his grandfather a lot, to whom he owes “all these things” that he is achieving in football because “he always supported me, he took me everywhere”.

“He gave me 50 Peruvian cents for every goal he scored. I know he must be at a party up there celebrating everything I’m doing, “said the midfielder, showing a photo with his late grandfather.

Tapia recalls his beginnings in the Sporting
Crystal, which meant being cited by the Peruvian team and also his time in Dutch football, where he defended the jerseys of Twente, Feyenoord Y Willem

“I have a very fond memory of Twente. They welcomed me with open arms, my daughter was born, I learned Dutch “, highlighted the sky-blue soccer player, who already in the Feyenoord he felt “what elite football was, the atmosphere that you had to reach the Europa League and become champions”.

I have a fond memory of Twente

He does not hide that there was a time when he had a bad time because “he was frustrated, he felt that he had lost a little taste for playing and going to train,” so he agreed to go on loan in the winter market for the 2018-19 academic year. Willem

“In that team, I got a new taste for what football is. In addition, we reached the final of the Cup after many years and that also marks you, “he said. Wall, for whom soccer is “a love”.

Consolidated in the senior team, the Peruvian indicates that his love for the national team and his country “will be wherever it is” because since childhood he dreamed of being international.

“He lived a five-minute walk from the sports village where he trains and always went there to see how the bus left to go to the stadium. He did it year after year, “he recalled. Wall, one of the sensations of The league in its first stage in the Celtic.