“My departure was not for sports reasons”

Jordi Lardín, former player and also former sports director of the Spanish, does not exactly keep a good memory of her last departure from the club after holding that position from 2016 to 2018. “I don’t think she was motivated by sports reasons. The team was saved, and the truth is that I had a very bad time“He said on the show ‘La Jaula Perica’, from the Penya Juvenil 1991, regarding his dismissal along with that of Quique Sánchez Flores two years ago now.

Lardin he did not bite his tongue when referring to the president Chen Yansheng. “He is the owner of the club, but he is not a soccer man. He will begin to know about football when he has been linked to it for many years, “he said of the top parakeet.

During your stay in the offices of Cornellà-El Prat arrived at Spanish Mario Hermoso, but Lardin he is even more proud of the promotion to the first team of youth squads as Marc Roca and Melendo. And as for players who were able to arrive and did not do so due to the restrictions of the salary limit, he confirmed names about which there had already been speculation in that regard. “Mariano was in Cornellà-El Prat and we talked to players like Borja Valero, Éver Banega and Albiol. They wanted to come, but the financial situation of the club did not allow it ”, he explained Lardin.

Pessimistic about the present

On the other hand, asked about the permanence options of the Spanish if LaLiga finally resumes, he was not optimistic. “If it is played, we will have trouble saving ourselves. This year it has not been up to the task and very valuable days have been lost, ”he indicated.

Finally, he spoke about the CEO José María Durán and the director of professional football Rufete. “Durán is a soccer man who knows the offices very well and is very well connected and Rufete, if they give him time, is going to do a very good job,” he concluded.

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