Murthy asks managers to ‘forget’ about the Prince of Johor

Anil Murthy, president of the Valencia, do not believe that Prince johor go to take immediate charge of the club, that has been at least the message that the leader transmitted to the main heads of department, as explained by Deportes COPE Valencia. As he told them, his latest news is that Peter lim, the club’s largest shareholder, has no intention of selling the club and has not transmitted any changes to him.

The speech of Murthy It may have occurred because the landing is not really believed, or because it does not have information since it is not clear that Peter lim informed you or because you are lying.

What seems clear is that if Tunku Ismail arrived as the new manager of the Valencia, Murthy, very ‘burned’ socially both before the fans of the club and before the institutions, he would leave the entity, a march that in part seems to have already been assumed.

Among those responsible to whom in the last days, Murthy He has said that he must go ahead with the plan for the next campaign is the technical secretary Miguel Ángel Corona, who is in charge of making the team for the next campaign. Before via social networks, the Prince of johor slipping an arrival that has not yet confirmed, the idea of ​​Valencia was to repeat the low-cost model of the squad of this campaign and assume some important sale to balance the accounts. And that should be the plan to follow as Murthy has transmitted.