Muniain is not Luis Suárez

89th minute of the match. Muniain enters the Celta area and Iago Aspas, in his attempt to snatch the ball from him along with his teammate Denis Suárez, lightly touches the Athletic captain. A touch that is just as light or similar to the one that Luis Suárez and Nuñez staged days ago at the Wanda Metropolitano.

The difference, the big difference at least on this occasion, is that the Navarrese, far from collapsing or dropping, tried to maintain his balance to continue advancing in the play. The faces of the local players in that set were a poem. The great respite from the match referee still reverberates in Balaídos.

Atlético Madrid was worth the picaresque of their Uruguayan striker and the innocence of the rojiblanco defender to break the 1-1 and end up winning. What would have happened if Muniain decided to emulate the mattress striker in that action, we will never know. Even the television comments, given the repetition of the play, spoke of what could have been and it was not because the Athletic captain wanted above all to maintain balance.

Muniain, by the way, started on Balaídos’ bench. The bench is understood as a topic, since since the coronavirus pandemic, substitute players are forced to sit in the stands. There, in the Balaídos rostrum, the Athletic captain shared a seat with Williams.

Marcelino preferred that the Bilbao striker start this time as a reserve. Then, with the party advanced, he resorted to their services. The rojiblanco striker thus reaches 184 consecutive league matches and draws with Zubizarreta. Arconada and Larrañaga are still ahead.

Not all the games that end as a 0-0 draw, like yesterday’s in Balaídos, are boring or even tedious. Yesterday, in the absence of showiness and offensive spectacle, there were two footballers, one for each side, who gave a real lesson in how to recover and cut balls.

Yeray, on Athletic’s side, is getting out. Impressive. Fast, accurate, safe, forceful, attentive… The right-handed center-back who this time played on the left ‘swept’ the gaps of some of his teammates.

The Tapia thing at Celta is also worthy of praise. He recovers, recovers and recovers for others to play. Spectacular.