Mourinho’s party with Snoop Dogg and the Chelsea players

Jose Mourinho has gone through top-level teams such as Real Madrid, the Chelsea, the Manchester United or now the Tottenham. In all of them he has always given what to talk about. Renowned for his strong character, Mou has also left nice episodes. Remember it like this Wayne Bridge, ex of Chelsea.

“We had some preseason in U.S and he threw a party. It was good for the boys. And when I say have a party I mean Snoop dogg I was there, they were all there, “said the former English international to ‘The Rig Biz Podcast’.

Even so, Bridge He also remembers that the Portuguese coach could be very demanding: “You see how he treats some players and I think sometimes he is a bit harsh.”

You see how he treats some players and I think sometimes he’s a bit harsh

“He is a great coach, but in the cases where he has had a bad time at the Manchester United and in the Tottenham sometimes he looks like a spoiled man who throws his stuffed animals out of the stroller. I think sometimes he doesn’t take it so well, but it’s fun to watch, I love it, ”adds the former footballer.