Mourinho: ‘Zidane will be happy with the Bale march’

Jose Mourinho, technician of Tottenham, highlighted the happiness you see in Gareth Bale after leaving the Real Madrid, convinced that he will rescue his best version as soon as he recovers from his injury and begins to play in his new career in English football.

“You can see that he is happy, it is easy to see him. He is very happy and happiness is important in life and in football, ”he assured Dazn before the round of 16 of the League Cup that his team plays against Chelsea.

Mourinho He recalled that he wanted to sign Bale for Real Madrid: “He knows that I wanted him at Real Madrid, but that season it was not possible because he was very close to signing Modric. He is a player that I like a lot, a lot ”.

And he valued his current moment, convinced that he will return to his true identity: “He is not ready to play yet, but he is working very well with the doctors and that makes me trust that when he returns, we will have the player that he is.”

“With me the one who plays is the best, so he won’t play because he is Gareth Bale, but because it will show that it is the best, “he added.

Finally, the Portuguese coach was confident that Bale’s presence at Tottenham will not be for a single season on loan from Real Madrid: “I have not spoken with Zinedine, but I imagine he is happy with his departure, we are happy with his arrival and I hope that at the end of the season we will all be happy and he can stay ”.