Mourinho is not enough with Kane

Mourinho have a problem. The 0-1 against Everton showed that the team is not enough with Kane if you aspire to play the Champions League. Is not sufficient. Tottenham suffers and is summarized in 10, author of the last five goals. A balance that sizes the ram and questions its partners, unable to add. You cannot trust the picture of London or They are, nor of Dele there nor of Bergwijn, denied face to door: they only contributed three goals in 49 games. A fact that blushes.

The problem, however, may not be in the lack of wisdom as in the lack of plan. Kane supports and disguises Tottenham’s deficiencies but cannot cancel them because there is no idea of ​​attack. Everything is left to chance of a stroke of magic or improvisation, a path too unstable for a team that is asked for much more. Against Everton, excellent in his proposal, Kane He did not step on the rival area with the ball until the final stretch on an unfortunate afternoon for the English international.

As at the time he did at Real Madrid, Mourinho It gives an excess of freedom to their teams in attack. Take care of the defensive phase in detail and let your best men decide. But that idea only tends to be successful if you have Cristiano Ronaldo, to Neymar or to Messi in their ranks. It is not the case of a Tottenham that cries out to have a guideline to know how to reach the goal without relying exclusively on the instinct of Kane, yesterday canceled by Ancelotti.

The season has just started and no conclusions can be drawn yet, but against Everton it seemed that Tottenham was a team without resources, disorderly. Faced with the adversity of 0-1, in the second half Mourinho changed from 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1: “I think the Portuguese brought out players just with the idea that something would happen. There has to be more structure, “he said. Jamie Redknapp on Sky Sports. A summary that draws the x-ray of Tottenham, who cannot let everything go through Kane.