Mourinho: ‘I’d rather give money to charity than to the FA’

Jose Mourinho, coach of the Tottenham, indicated that he preferred not to comment on the penalty in the extension that prevented him from winning the Newcastle so that they do not sanction him and have to pay the Federation (FA).

“I prefer to give money to charities than to the Federation after they sanction me, then I will not give my opinion,” he said after the meeting to Sky Sports.

He Tottenham gave a draw to one against the ‘magpies’ in a match in which they matched at 97 minutes, with a penalty decreed by the referee after viewing the video and understanding that there had been a hand of Eric Dier after an auction of Andy Carroll.

“I love this club, but now I see the difference between great clubs that have history and others,” he said. Mourinho, who assured that his team played “a fantastic game”, in which at halftime they already deserved to win by three or four goals.

“I can’t ask for more from the players. Their goalkeeper was phenomenal. The team played very, very well. It was a complete game offensively and defensively. We created many chances. I’m very happy with the performance,” he said Mourinho, who did not want to send any message to the International Board, body in charge of reviewing the rules of the game.