Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier dies

The Swiss pilot of Moto3 Jason Dupasquier has passed away this Sunday as a result of serious accident suffered during the qualification of the Italian Grand Prix disputed this Saturday. Dupasquier was 19 years old.

The organization of the MotoGP World Championship has communicated the news after the Moto3 race conclusion. Seconds before, the pilot Gabriel Rodrigo He had anticipated the tragic outcome after the accident suffered by his partner the day before.

“After the serious accident during Moto3 Q2 of the Italian Grand Prix, we announce with great sadness the death of Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier”, has indicated the organization of the World Cup.

Dupasquier se he was involved in an accident between turns 9 and 10 of the circuit, which forced the Q2 of his category to be suspended with a red flag. The FIM medical services treated him immediately and transferred him by helicopter to the Careggi Hospital in Florence.

Overnight, Dupasquier had been operated on for a hemopneumothorax in the lung and had been probed to drain blood and air into the pleural space. However, given the seriousness of his injuries, the medical team has been unable to save his life.

Dupasquier faced his second season in the Moto3 World Championship. He did it as a member of the PrüstelGP, with a KTM. Both your team and your mentor Thomas luthi, plus the Rookies Cup driver Noah dettwiler, immediately announced their withdrawal from the races this Sunday when they learned of Dupasquier’s situation.