Motivates taking the league off Griezmann?

‘Hey Dad, from your experience, do you think that for the Atletico players it is an extra motivation to face Griezmann and win the Barca to take away The league? ’, My children asked me last night.

To which I replied “You are very optimistic filhos, you are assuming that they will face him and that he will not be on the bench. After seeing how he started as a substitute against Sevilla, which was a very important match, I would not put my hand in the fire that will start. Frankly, even if it was a title, the men of Cholo they don’t need more motivation right now. They must win yes or yes and make sure at all costs what positions Champions. The last two days the mattress set will face two direct rivals for the same positions and it is a priority that by then access to Champions League. And I am more convinced than ever that we are going to win it in August! I do not even want to imagine the emotional damage that would be for Griezmann that the following season of leaving, the Athlete wins the Champions without him. Go from being the King rojiblanco to be one more in the Barca (even substitute), and that your old team wins the maximum continental trophy … it would be a very hard blow of destiny. In the same conversation, my children said to me, “Would it be something like Coutinho with Liverpool, right? That within a few months of leaving, the Reds reached the end of the Champions, they won it the following year and this season the Premier League. OR Arda Turan who also went to Barça being one of the team’s cracks, and that season we reached the final. In addition, both became a shadow of what they were when they signed for the Barcelona

I replied that I could understand their comparison but nothing to see, they are light years away from what they meant to their club, neither of them was in the category of Antoine Griezmann at Athlete. He could perfectly have gone down in red and white history as a legend, enter the same Olympus in which he is Luis Aragones, Fernando Torres, Simeone, Gárate, Adelardo, I … But there it is, fighting for ownership with a 16-year-old boy and the (great!) impromptu signing of the Leganes. It hurts in my soul, why deny it, because I love its extraordinary quality, it is truly out of the ordinary, and it hurts that it is not shining as it would correspond to its talent. It’s enough that I’m writing this for us to get a hat-trick tonight (and hey, if that’s the case, he got it for me in spite of myself!).

I am sure it will be a very intense match. If I were a player, I would mentally approach the game as if I were the quarterfinals of the Champions, something that could perfectly happen in August if the Blaugrana eliminate the Naples. It will be a preview of that “Final to 8”. More impossible motivation. That is why I am amused that many Madrid fans say that the game will be a little walk in the Camp Nou. They insinuate that like the Athlete He has a good advantage over the 5th classified, he will start at half gas so that Barça does not lose points and continue in his fight with the meringues for the championship. Half gas? He Athlete? Let us be serious, men of the Cholo They will win and frankly I think we will return to the capital with the three points. The eternal rival is the least of it. And if they end up winning the championship thanks to us then nothing, that they add red stripes to the shirt to celebrate it, that everyone knows that it is much more beautiful.