Morocco expels Gonzo when he was preparing a report for ‘Saved’

The Moroccan authorities briefly detained in Tangier (north of the country) a group of Spanish journalists from the ‘Salvados’ program on La Sexta, whom they “Invited to leave the country” as soon as possibleSalvados sources informed Efe.

The team, With its director Gonzo at the helm, it carried out documentation and pre-production work on the work accident that killed 29 people (mostly women) last February, when their basement textile factory was suddenly flooded.

The journalists planned to meet with relatives and friends of the victims, but before they even met with them, they were surprised by the police in a cafe and invited to leave the place and go immediately to their hotel, from where they will presumably be expelled shortly.

They were not recording anything and therefore lacked the filming permit (mandatory in Morocco)“Said the source, who clarified that at no time have they been” detained “in a police station.

Nothing like this had ever happened to us in Morocco“Said the source, who also underlined the numerous programs that they had previously recorded in the Maghreb country, so they were aware that filming permits are necessary, but not for pre-production tasks.

That accident revealed the precariousness of working conditions in some sectors, such as textiles, where the premises do not meet the minimum requirements for health, ventilation or fire escapes.

When contacted by Efe, the Moroccan authorities sent a statement that will come out later to give their version of the events.

It is not the first time that journalists have been expelled from Morocco, especially when they deal with conflictive or sensitive issues, the reason always being that of lacking the required filming permits or for having entered without declaring their status as journalists.