Moreno: ‘We want to win for ourselves, not for annoying Alcorcón and benefit Sabadell’

Vicente Moreno, Espanyol coach, has referred this Friday to the game that his team will play on Sunday against Alcorcón, the last in the League. The parakeet technician has ensured that dThey want to win to be Second Champions, the pending challenge, without thinking of benefiting or harming third parties, since the Madrid team must win to avoid relegation.

Questioned by if ‘messages’ have arrived from Sabadell, asking them to push to win a direct rival of the Harlequins, Moreno confessed that “not me specifically. It would be normal if you have acquaintances. We have reasons to win and out of respect for all the teams that are in a situation to save themselves, we have to go out to play and compete. We will not be responsible for them achieving their goals, but we want to win for ourselves, not for annoying Alcorcón and benefit Sabadellbut only for us ”.

Regarding the ‘obligation’ to sing the alirón, the technician assured that “my perception of the season will not change if we are first or second. He won’t do it for a game. With four days ahead we no longer had risks, but there is another counterpart which is to maintain that level. And that prevented us from closing the issue. ”

Do not forget that Espanyol has had three days to tie the first place. “I came here to get the promotion. We want to win and be first, because that will always remain there. Anything that is adding something that lasts is better. But the promotion was the most important thing ”, he insisted.

Moreno was already champion of Second with Xerez and now it can be as a parakeet technician. He is not obsessed with it, although he is excited about it. “It is something anecdotal. If I tell you that it does not matter, it does not matter because we want to win and be first. We are in a historic club and everything that is to add some situation that can last over the years we would like it, as it is important to everyone. We are going to fight it, without losing sight of what we came and fought for from day one, which is promotion, it has already been achieved ”.

He also referred to Darder, who will miss the match Sunday and the premiere in First for the sanction of two games that have been imposed. “We did not expect that he would not be there. He is a very important player for us and we cannot cry. We will pull another player. I believe the player when he says that he has not said it, but also the referee when he says that he has heard it. But the player is the one injured, no longer for now, but also for the beginning of next year. It is what there is and we cannot give it more lapses ”, he lamented.

It does not recreate in the barrage of casualties, between injured and players with their national teams, with whom they face the duel against Alcorcón. It is an opportunity for the youth team of the subsidiary. “There will be several from the subsidiary and at most we can have three in the field. It is a time to show up and show that they can be there. There are many incentives and we take the game very seriously against a rival who plays a lot and needs to win ”, he warned.

By last has made reference to De Tomás and his words that he will continue as a parakeet and that he arrives very motivated. “It is always a joy that the players are with that energy, it is very positive. It is an important player and next year we want to have the best possible team. Everything that the level players continue or arrive will be positive for the club ”, he has sentenced.