More fuel for Harden’s dilemma: the Nets would be among his possible destinations

A few days ago we knew the rumor that pointed to a possible James Harden’s departure from Houston and the hypothesis that it could end in Brooklyn, along with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Far from silencing it, it seems like the possibility is echoing inside Harden’s head and there may be some truth to it.

Several ESPN journalists claimed this weekend that Harden He is not entirely clear about his future with the Houston Rockets And while he clears his doubts, the Nets are positioning themselves as favorites on his list for a possible trade that will lead him to wear a new jersey.

Durant and Harden already shared a team in Oklahoma City, forming a great winning group at the beginning of the last decade that was on the verge of achieving a title. Both players have already discussed in private the possibility of meeting in Brooklyn but there has still been no official contact between the two franchises.

The off-season it’s being chaotic at best in Houston. To the change of management and coach is added the general discontent in the locker room and the supposed Russell Westbrook transfer petition.

It seems that James Harden could also join the list of people who does not see much future to the project of the Rockets and you are considering playing elsewhere before your contract ends.

If this operation goes ahead, we would have to be attentive to what and how much the Nets are capable of offering to get one of the best players in the entire league, all to bring together a big-three that would make them immediately candidates for the title.