Morata is clear about his desire for next season

Atlético de Madrid
will have a thorny subject to deal with next summer. The mattress box, with the output of Diego Costa, has run out of strikers. Right now, pure attackers are only Luis Suarez Y Angel
strap, because everything suggests that the mattress club will not exercise the expensive purchase clause for Moussa

With such a panorama, added to the situation of the Juventus, the Athletic It already has on its squad -although on loan- a first-rate striker so as not to have to make payments. We refer to Alvaro Morata, Sure. But there is a problem in this regard.

The future of the Madrilenian occupies during these days the information in Italy. It is not clear that the ‘Vecchia Signora‘, With financial problems, he is going to exercise the player’s purchase clause, not even his extension of ten million euros for a new transfer.

In its edition of Friday, April 9, ‘La Gazetta dello Sport‘, Explains how the situation is at the moment and what is the desire of the footballer himself, who can end up weighing heavily in this regard. The aforementioned media acknowledges that in the Juventus “Anything can happen” in relation to attacking players. And it is that neither the same continuity of Cristiano Ronaldo is insured. And of course, neither the Morata.

Morata was important this season for the JuveIt certainly experienced ups and downs. He started strong, had a difficult winter and reappeared in a great way at the beginning of March, with both games against Spezia Y Lazio”, The newspaper begins saying. “The moment of decisions is approaching for him and the advantage is that here the situation is linear. Juventus may decide to extend the loan transfer for one year. Atlético de Madrid paying 10 million for the season 21-22 “, he points out to ensure that the other option, the direct purchase of the player for 45 million,” is not on the table “is” impossible “given the large spending limits that will affect the market of the Juventus.

With that premise and still without communication from the Italian team to the team Athletic, who is awaiting events, it is pointed out that the footballer’s desire is not exactly to return. “It would generate a delicate situation to handle, because the relationship between Alvaro Y Simeone after two years in the rojiblanco it is not good, “he says. ‘The Gazetta‘.

Alvaro hopes to stay in Turin, where he has always enjoyed. The complicated management of the 2021 market is your great ally. Juventus in summer will not be able to afford large expenses and at the moment only have three forwards (…) Yes Morata it goes, Paratici I would have to go looking for another 9 and it is very difficult to find a player of the level of Alvaro that impacts the next budget for less than 20 million (10 of the loan, about 9 gross for the salary) “, explains the pink newspaper.


Hence, the Juventus want to renegotiate the conditions, according to the aforementioned medium. Something that surely will not go down well with him Atlético de Madrid, that we will see if it yields. “The operation makes technical sense. Morata he scores less than he could (and should) but he is a useful player for the team, he knows the rules of coexistence with Ronaldo, he is the only striker who does not want the ball at his feet and knows how to give depth ”, says the aforementioned media about the situation of the Madrilenian.