Morata and Alice Campello star in a spectacular magazine cover

Football player Alvaro Morata and the model Alice campello They are one of the couples most demanded by brands and the media. They are both handsome, young, and successful in their respective professional careers. In addition, they have formed an exemplary large family as parents of Leonardo, Alessandro and Edoardo.

That is why it is not surprising that the prestigious magazine ‘Grazia Italy’Has chosen them to star in its weekly cover. In its pages, the couple talks about their life in Turin, “football, fashion and our family”.

Alice, who has more than 2.4 million followers on her Instagram account, is used to sharing her busy day to day as a mother of three children, a businesswoman and a model, through social networks.

A few years ago the young woman created the company ‘Masqmai‘. A priori, he started a handbag company that over time has made the transition to also selling top-quality cosmetics, one of his great passions.

On the other hand, Alice he has confessed on numerous occasions his intentions to expand the family. Recently, she conveyed that she would love to adopt a child in the future and have two more biological children. “We have been talking about adopting for a long time, it is something that we will surely do in the future,” he said.