Morales: ‘Whoever thinks this is done is wrong’

Jose Luis Morales, captain of the I raised, he warned after his team’s defeat against the Huesca that “whoever believes that this is done” and that salvation is already assured “is wrong.” “You have to reach 40 or 41 points to achieve that first goal,” recalled the attacker in statements to Movistar LaLiga.

Morales He warned that they must “have the same concentration” that they have shown before the “big boys” with “rivals who are below the ranking” because that situation does not mean that they are “inferior”. “In the end, if you give any rival a minimal opportunity, they beat you and if you are not correct, you cannot take the games forward,” he said, before regretting that although they had possession, they did not know how to generate danger.

“They in two or three mistakes have not scored two goals. In the end, if you concede … “, Morales warned, who said that their” concentration “failed in Huesca’s first goal because they knew that the Huesca team was going to try to” steal and go against it. ”