Monumental gaffe by Ibai Llanos when promoting ‘Lo de Évole’ on Twitch

This Sunday, The sixth aired one of the most anticipated interviews of the season. In front of Jordi Évole, Ibai Llanos, the streamer who has become one of the most popular characters in world entertainment. The broadcast managed to hook 2,359,000 viewers, marking the second best historical data of the program, only behind the interview with former president Jose María Aznar (2,444,000).

The Basque did not hesitate to answer honestly to all the questions that the Catalan journalist asked him. How much do you pay for rent? What do you pay Twitch monthly with your subscribers? What do you think of the youtubers who go to Andorra? A talk of more than an hour in which viewers could get to know the youtuber a little more deeply.

Évole and Ibai on Twitch

But previously, Llanos screwed up in a monumental way. And it is that, saying goodbye to the presenter through his Twitch account, he did not hesitate to say that “people, we are going,‘Saved’”. “No, ‘Saved’ no,” Évole cut him off quickly, generating laughter from the entire team that was with them: “Now it’s not called that anymore.”

“’Lo de Évole ’on Telecinco… The same but with a different name, right? ”Llanos said, ignoring the fact that he had also been confused on the channel where his interview would be broadcast, weeks later.