Monumental anger of Mamen Mendizábal for what happens in ‘Better late’

This weekend, the first without a state of alarm in Spain, massive bottles in various parts of the country, leaving images that have been highly criticized and commented in the media. This Monday in ‘Better late‘, This issue was also addressed and something happened that particularly outraged Mamen Mendizábal.

It all happened when the laSexta program broadcast some images of a bottle in Granada. “In Granada there was also a macro-bottle that you will not be able to see because when our colleague Rafa goes to record this is what happens“Said the journalist Marina Valdes before giving way to video.

The Atresmedia program then issued some images in which you can see how the photojournalist, Rafa Avila, came to the area where the young people were drinking. Suddenly, one of them approached the camera and prevented him from doing his job. “Don’t you record me! That it is not legal to come here to record people”, Said this person, who also struck a heavy blow to the camera lens. “Don’t come here to record people without a mask!”Protested this same young man.

Monumental anger of Mamen Mendizábal for what happened in ‘Better late’.

Mamen Mendizábal: “It’s a shame”

Faced with the aggression, Mamen Mendizábal was deeply indignant on Monday and did not hesitate to send a strong message to the aggressor. “Look, recording on the street is legal in Spain and what is not legal and is condemned, prohibited and fined is drinking in the street and, above all, confronting authority figures. It is a shame”, Sentenced the presenter.

Mamen Mendizábal and Marina Valdés in 'Better late'.

Mamen Mendizábal and Marina Valdés in ‘Better late’.