Monumental anger of Dani Martínez with which the perimeter closures are skipped

In recent days one of the current issues in Spain is about the perimeter closures of all autonomous communities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, not everyone is respecting the restrictions during Easter.

The Civil Guard denounced this Holy Thursday a total of 1,166 infractions, mostly for skipping the perimeter closure of the communities.

Well, in line with this theme, the popular comedian has spoken Dani Martinez, who has written a outrage message through his official Twitter account.

“Since you have skipped the perimeter and gone to another Community to ski, to the beach, to enjoy and enjoy … at least do not upload it to social networks so that those of us who follow the rules do not feel like an ASS . Since we look for you, you look for us “, said the presenter in the tweet.

A message addressed to those people who have taken advantage of these holidays to move outside their community and therefore, not respecting measures such as perimeter closures.

Dani Martínez’s tweet has gone viral on social networks where it has already accumulate more than 12,000 ‘I like you’ and hundreds of messages in just over 8 hours.