Monreal, a whole ‘gunner’ in the distance

Monreal He is another ‘gunner’ in the distance and as such he has exercised in the last hours following Arsenal’s great victory in the FA Cup final over the Chelsea, which would allow the rojiblanco team to participate in the next edition of the Europe
League. “Congrats to Arsenal. Well done, boys. “ It is the message that left-back Txuri Urdin has sent to congratulate his former teammates by attaching an image of the team with the trophy. “Congratulations to Arsenal. Well done, guys ”has been the sincere recognition of a footballer who last summer changed the Emirates Stadium for Anoeta but who, how could it be otherwise, has profoundly marked his time at the historic English club, where he became captain. Monreal, who will now begin his second season at Real at 34, played six and a half seasons at Arsenal, which is the club where he has stayed the longest after starting with Osasuna, joining Málaga and now ending up at Real .

Nacho Monreal, former Arsenal player, congratulates the Gunner team after winning the Cup