Monkeys, door and dust: This is the Dakar

‘Guys, this is the Dakar’, is what the stage 1, very hard, with a lot of stone, which also It began with an unusual surprise: the link was full of monkeys loose on the road. I still don’t know what they were doing there! It was stage 1, but from the beginning it was very tough, with many problems, mechanical breakdowns for everyone and the fact of starting from behind made things difficult for us because of the dust. In those moments is when you have to go calmly and not want to let yourself be carried away by the desire. We wanted to go from less to more, yes, already from km 2 with the door open. It broke down and we went the whole stage with the door banging up and down. There was no way to close it. In the end, we solve it with some cable ties. This is the Dakar.

The day went well, we were smart taking care of the car, knowing that it was the first stage. We were in the dust. It was like driving in heavy fog. There you get a lot of helplessness. You do not see anything and it is very easy to make a mistake wanting to tighten more than necessary. And now, after finishing fourth in SSV and sixth overall in light vehicles, we are tired. And it’s only the first day!. You have to gain strength. Therefore, as I write these lines I am cooking a few spaghetti in the caravan to recover. After the prologue, they were very ‘al dente’, that is, like a stone, and I had to open a can of sardines. And now I’m over cooking! Cook ‘Farreti’ things, and this is it is also the Dakar. It tests you in every way, emotionally, mechanically and physically. Welcome to the desert.