Monica Naranjo, Netflix bombshell signing for a ‘reality’ style ‘The Island of Temptations’

Singer Monica Naranjo returns to television hand in hand with Netflix, which secures a name of guarantees to present its new ‘Reality’ of dating and coexistence, in the style of ‘The island of temptations’, according to Yotele.

After having presented the first edition of ‘Isla de las temptaciones’ on Telecinco and Cuatro, which was a huge audience for Mediaset, the artist returns to the world of television to embark on a new project, which at the moment it has no definitive name.

This ‘reality’ of dating It will take place on the island of Ibiza And starting next June, its recording will begin to premiere the next season.

For the moment more details about the mechanics of the program are unknown, although as reported by the aforementioned portal, it will feature elements of ‘Playing with fire’, one of the most successful international programs, in which participants who have sex lose.

Monica Naranjo herself has posted an enigmatic message through his Twitter account. “Soon there will be more images for you,” wrote the singer.

This would mean a blow on the table by Netlfix to enhance its catalog of reality shows, since as Vertele announced, Netflix also works on Insiders, a format that it is creating together with iZen.