Moncloa tries to prevent the conversation between Pedro Sánchez and Rocío Carrasco from leaking

The last friday María Teresa Campos dropped the bomb in the ‘Deluxe‘: Pedro Sánchez had called Rocío Carrasco after seeing the first episodes of the documentary series that Rocío Jurado’s daughter is starring in on Telecinco.

The news has not had much repercussion in the pink press, but it does seem that is leading more than one head in Moncloa.

And it is that, as published this Tuesday ‘El Confidencial Digital’, in the environment of the President of the Government they are moving threads to prevent the content of the conversation from being leaked de Sánchez with Rocío Carrasco.

This media reports that Journalists close to Rocío Jurado’s daughter have been called to ask them not to leak details about this private conversation.

In Moncloa They fear that the case of the alleged mistreatment of Antonio David Flores to Rocío Carrasco will be reopened shortly and the president will be exposed having positioned itself in a very controversial case in which the nerves are on the surface.

Already in her day the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero called ‘Save me’ and used her twitter account to publicly support Rocío Carrasco, which cost him numerous criticisms for questioning the presumption of innocence of the former Telecinco collaborator.

Now the credibility at stake is that of the Prime Minister, not that of a minister“Sources from Moncloa point out, highlighting that Rocío Flores’s father” has not been convicted for it. ”