Monchi: ‘I have already played the game many times in my head’

The sporting general director of the Seville, Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, ‘Monchi’, live the hours before the duel before him Barcelona that he can get his team into another final with great passion. Caged between meetings at the impressive Eurostar Marina, the Andalusian team’s headquarters, he dreams of celebrating the passage to the Cup final that will also be played in Seville, in The Cartuja.

“I have already played the game in my head many times and I will still have to play it several more times. One looks for parallels with other similar situations, with other games, with other moments … And, well, I think about winning the game that you can dominate. Let’s see if we can also tonight ”, said the man from Cádiz in the official media of the Seville club.

“The group is well, it is involved, responsible, knowing what we are at stake. I think he is excited, we are facing an important challenge and a very beautiful possibility that fortunately we are repeatedly living a lot these years. But because it is repetitive, it is still exciting. There is illusion in the group. But the illusion alone is not going to be worth us, we have to put other things on the table to be able to overcome Barcelona ”, clarifies the former goalkeeper, who is clear that to pass the tie the team of Lopetegui he will have to be true to himself.

“There are two words that start with i that are important: to be imperturbable, never to leave the game, not to be carried away by any circumstance that is not merely football. And then identity, not losing our identity. The game will have many phases; there will be difficult phases at many times and we must be faithful to our principles ”, he clarifies.

Monchi He has also commented on the recovery in record time of Ocampos, which may be one of Sevilla’s strengths before a month of his injury due to Djené’s hard tackle. “They are all here, they have all come, the availability is absolute and it will be the coach who chooses the starting pieces and the pieces that will come out during the game.”