Monchi also defends ‘the football of the hobbies’

The sporting general director of the Seville, Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo, Monchi, expressed his idea of ​​football as a result of the attempt to create the Super league European Union, which has created a lot of controversy this week due to the attempt of the big clubs to split the deck and challenge the UEFA.

The Seville executive, one of the most renowned sports directors in the world, assured that he does not understand football in any other way than through the passion of the fans.

“Football is passion and it belongs to the fans, because it is what we have always experienced. Obviously there has been an evolution and now most clubs are limited companies. But losing sight of the fact that there is a fundamental customer here, the amateur, would lead us to failure. We cannot turn our backs on what drives football, which is passion. I am more of a Sevilla player than a sports director and I don’t know if that is an advantage or a disadvantage. If I get excited after beating the Real society It is not because we think that we are going to enter more through the ChampionsBut because I know that we are going to make people happy. That is our leitmotif ”, indicated the one from San Fernando in a telematic conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville.

Monchi It is clear that to generate income you have to draw inspiration and get ahead of others. “You have to reinvent yourself and look for formulas that didn’t exist before or you didn’t think you would need. When things go wrong there are two ways: bow your head and feel like a victim, or look for solutions. I was very blocked because being the sports general director, you are in the middle of everything that surrounds the team. We lift our heads to look for solutions, because life is not a bed of roses. We have had very difficult moments, but the duel cannot last a lifetime. You have to try things and not be left with doubts, ”insisted the Sevilla sports director.

The architect of the successes of the Seville In this century, in which he has won ten titles and played twenty finals, he hopes that soon the fans will be able to return to the stadiums. “There is some information that speaks of possibly having some audience in the last two games of The league. Let’s hope that the infections of this fourth wave do not rise any more and the situation can stabilize. Football without fans loses its essence. It is also true that one of the things that most caught my attention is that the professional has known how to reinvent himself and compete in the same way without an audience, something that we all doubted at first ”.

Finally, he reflected on a message he sent to social networks after the victory against the Real society and the need to let out emotions: “Life may be passing me very quickly and I have not been able to enjoy too much because I am obsessed with tomorrow. I have taken a lot from him

time to my people and myself because of that obsession with looking for detail. That tweet meant let me be myself for a minute. It was related to the excitement of the game, to take off the sports director’s mask and be Monchi, but only a minute ”.