Monaco F1 GP: Sainz manages to defend third position at the start

Carlos Sainz has a golden opportunity in the Monaco F1 GP 2021. After the “rage” that he claimed to have on Saturday when he was unable to make his last attempt to qualify for the red flag caused by the accident of his partner Charles Leclerc, went from anger to having in his hands the option of achieving his first podium with Ferrari. And he did not miss it from the beginning. The Madrid driver, who in his first races with Ferrari had suffered a bit in his adaptation to the starting system of the red car, this time came out very well to defend third place on the podium at the start of the race. Monaco F1 GP, closing the door tightly to Landau
Norris (4th).

For its part, Verstappen, Yes Leclerc on pole as he was unable to start due to a problem in the bearing detected on his exit from the box to the grid, he maintained the first position without suffering from a Bottas That blocked the wheels at the first corner.

Further back, Fernando Alonso, which started 16th, winning a place due to the previous abandonment of Leclerc, beat two of his starting rivals, placing 14th in the peloton through the streets of the Principality, ahead of Russell Y Latifi. Good start for the Spaniard, although aware that his chances of scoring were minimal on a track where it is almost impossible to overtake beyond some position in the strategy.