Monaco F1 GP: Sainz confirms his candidacy for pole!

Thursday, Carlos Sainz I asked for calm after being second after Leclerc, with both Ferrari out front in Monaco. ANDOn Friday, already cold, he kept his feet on the ground but warned: “Dreaming is free. I’m going to go to bed dreaming “. And this Saturday, someone will have to pinch Carlos Sainz several times to confirm that what seemed like a dream can be a reality. Ferrari will be in the fight for pole. It is a fact. Much would have to change things not to see Carlos already Leclerc battling for a magnificent result in qualifying this Saturday at the F1 Monaco GP. After Ferrari’s great performance on Thursday, it was clear that the car was competitive, but the question remained as to how much the two big favorites could improve, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, if their engineers hit the key in the set up of their car on the rest day for this ‘qualy’ and when they put all the ‘chicha’ of their engine at the disposal of the hands of their cracks. But for now, only Max submitted his candidacy for the pole In the free third parties setting the best time in the last minutes, beating by a sigh, only 47 thousandths to a spectacular Carlos Sainz. And Hamilton? From
Lewis, little was known. Leclerc was third at 0 ”258 behind Max and two tenths behind Madrid, while Bottas was 4th at 0” 471 and Pérez, fifth at half a second. You have to go up to seventh position to find the leader of the World Cup, a 7-time world champion who is currently unrecognizable.

Hamilton finished 7 tenths behind the fastest timeAlthough we should all know by now that that should not be his real position. He must never be ruled out of the fight for pole, but for the moment, the feelings that Mercedes and the Briton left were not the same as always.

2021 F1 Monaco GP FP3 times

In this scenario, the fight for pole seems tighter than ever. In this circuit all the elements come together so that Ferrari is there. The engine does not count and there are no fast corners, the two weak points of the Ferrari. And to top it all, it is full of slow corners, the main strength of an Italian car that embodies it in traction and balance. And if we add to this that they have the hands of Sainz and Leclerc, the Ferrarista cocktail promises a lot.

Sainz, golden opportunity

Carlos he is having a sensational weekend, without errors at the wheel of a car to which he is still coupling. But Monaco is one of his favorite circuits. Here he scored two victories in his two Formula Renault 3.5 races and has always embroidered it since his arrival in F1 in 2015, starting with being 10th with a Toro Rosso in 2015, eighth in his second year, and sixth in his third year, his best result, which he repeated twice more, in 2019 and 2020 with Mclaren.

Now, with a Ferrari dressed up for the occasion, with a circuit that fits like a tailored suit to the car. Maranello, Sainz has a golden opportunity. To do this, you will have the competence of your partner Leclerc, who runs at home, willing to risk a lot on streets that he knows like the back of his hand. In addition, a Verstappen who does not want to miss the opportunity to shine here before a Hamilton that doesn’t seem entirely comfortable.

Sainz, in Monaco

Sainz, in Monaco

Traffic, temperature and walls

The ‘qualy’ seems unpredictable and full of tension, especially due to the amount of traffic that will accumulate in the streets of the Principality, which will complicate things a lot to heat up the tires. At that point, Ferrari is one of the best cars to achieve the correct temperature setting for the tires, something that can tip the balance in favor of Carlos or Charles. On a track where an error takes you against the wall and any crash can turn any of the qualifying sessions upside down, the nerves will be maximum.

Alonso, 15th

Ferdinand Alonso finished 15th in the FP3 and it will be difficult to achieve that Alpine enter the Top-10. More was expected from the French car, which had been performing well in a slow corner. Alonso said Thursday that the performance was not what was expected in free practice and that they had to fine-tune with the settings to take another step. At the moment, things are not looking good for the French, with the Asturian one second behind the tenth place and Or with in last position in these Free Practice 3.

Fernando Alonso, at the 2021 F1 Monaco GP

Fernando Alonso, at the 2021 F1 Monaco GP