Mir’s touch to the team: ‘We have failed the strategy’

For the second week in a row at Losail Joan Mir is going head to head to have to compete in Q1 to be able to access the pole fight after qualifying 13th in practice on Friday and with no options to improve in FP3 this Saturday according to wind forecasts And heat. And with as much equality as the lap does not fit well, you risk qualifying beyond the fourth row if you do not go to Q2. The issue of preheated tires, which for this GP have two of each specification, is also driving them ‘crazy’ because it completely changes the performance of the motorcycle and there was the trigger for the Suzuki team’s strategy error and that left him without time to make a good lap.


“I’m not happy, because the strategy has failed a lot. I was only able to do one lap with the good tires and I was not able to get even one more lap, which is normal. We have been wrong, they have given me a flag and the consequences are that we are super behind. With less than a tenth I think we would have passed and I think that tenth we could have achieved with one more lap, without a problem. But we have failed in the strategy “


“These days we have to use preheated tires from other GGPPs and they are compounds that don’t perform as well as a new one. We all know it and we are waiting to ride the new one on the last outing. For some reason, they called me to box and put on the new one, but there was not enough time. I can’t control the time, just look at the blackboard. The team has not made the correct strategy today and I am not happy, because it is very difficult to make a good time with the package we have at the moment, and every detail counts a lot “

“We have done too many laps with the first two tires, and then when they marked‘ Box ’they even made me change the bike because there was no time to put the tires on the same bike. The setting we were using wasn’t going too well either, so they decided to change bikes and I had to go out with a different one and take just one lap. I have been missing a bit there. I think everything is very tight, we give 100% of the bikes and what there is, and if something fails, everything really fails, because we are all very close ”


“We have been here for many days, this circuit is very favorable for beginners, surely he does not have the worst bike for this circuit … And he has done very well. It is a combination. A fast lap Jorge has always been scary and he is doing very well. It will be difficult to beat him in the race, for sure “


“It will be very difficult, because there are many bikes with a lot of potential within one lap within the Q1 crowd. It will be very difficult, we know, but we will give 100%. I think we still have the option of going to Q2 and going there to fight to be in the top ten. It will be very difficult and we will not have to lose patience if it does not work out for whatever reason. We will have to improve, go well and others, but we trust that Q1 will go well “


“We have already started with the set-up of the last race, with which I don’t feel bad at all. But everything is very tight, we are not going to improve half a second, far from it. I think that today we had a better option than other days to have a good time, but due to a strategy failure we were unable to do so. Tomorrow will be a good day to work on FP4 with used tires, see where we are and where our rivals are, and from there build a good lap to get into the top ten. We’ll see how it goes “