Miriam Saavedra and Froilán, surprise couple of the summer?

The arrival of summer usually brings up some very famous love story, however it was difficult to imagine a romance between the model Miriam Saavedra, former presenter Carlos Lozano and winner of ‘GH VIP, and Felipe Juan Froilan of All Saints of Marichalar and Borbón, first-born of the Infanta Elena.

Rumors of their possible relationship were fueled after the appearance of Miriam Saavedra in ál Save me ’to re-stir your story with Carlos Lozano, but the Peruvian saw how Antonio David brought up another topic from the top hat that caused a major stir.

Although the Peruvian did not want to enter to assess her possible relationship with Froilán, Rafa Mora added fuel to the fire after revealing a brawl between Froilán’s girlfriend, Mar Flores, and Miriam Saavedra in a local.

“They tell me that you and Froilán’s girlfriend had an altercation in a local,” he said. Rafa Mora, what Miriam Saavedra He responded with “I don’t know the girlfriend, I don’t know who she is, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Miriam Saavedra She kept insisting that all this was false and that she had nothing to do with Infanta Elena’s son, even threatening to leave the set if she kept talking about it.

It should be remembered that Froilán and Mar Flores ended their relationship last April, during the confinement, reason why Miriam Saavedra could have been the cause of the breakup. We’ll be alert…