Mirandés and Tenerife get off the ‘play off’ train

Mirandés and Tenerife tied their postponed match of matchday 32 without goals and added a point that allows them to be closer to salvation.

Tenerife adds its third consecutive draw of the season and maintains the ten-point difference of the ‘play off’, while Mirandés do not reduce much margin with respect to those above and are eight points behind Rayo, which occupies the last promotion promotion square.

The first part was nondescript. Those of Luis Miguel Ramis came out more intoned to the field, putting the locals in trouble. Nono and Manu Apeh gave several warnings, but they had no aim, which was taken advantage of by the rojillos, especially by Víctor Gómez and Cristo, although they were not lucky either.

The controversial move came on time, as the referee did not validate a goal to Manu Apeh after a clash between Lizoain and Vivian, when the game stopped before the Nigerian finished on goal.

The game got stuck after the break due to the number of fouls by both teams, but the changes in the island team made Tenerife take control of the game although the game slowed down and both signed the tables on the scoreboard.

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Data sheet:

Mirandés: Lizoain, Víctor Gómez, Vivian, Berrocal, Javi Jiménez, Messeger, Alex López (Genaro min 72), Pablo Martínez (Moha min 79), Javi Muñoz, Simón Moreno (Djouahra min 46) and Cristo (Mario Barco min 72)

Tenerife: Dani Hernández, Kakabadze, Carlos Ruiz, Sipcic, Pomares, Nono (Shaq Moore min 83), Alberto, Aitor Sánz, Vada (Fran Sol min 65), Manu Apeh (Germán Valera min 76) and Joselu (Shashoua min 65)

Referee: Galech Azpezteguia (Navarre Committee). He admonished Carlos Ruiz (min 45), Pomares (min 69), Moore (min 84) and Valera (min 89).

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 32 of LaLiga Smartbank played at the Anduva Stadium behind closed doors.