Mir: ‘You don’t have to crush Rossi, 21st is not his place’

There is no way the Suzuki guys can close a good lap, but they still find themselves with worn tires with one of the best rhythms for the race so they will have to invoke the comeback once again this time from the third row of the grid. . Joan Mir had to go back to look for his pass via Q1 and changed the tenth of a week ago for a ninth this Saturday, thus changing the row.


“I am happy, the objective we have achieved because it was to go to Q2. I did a fairly consistent Q1 and in FP4 I felt good too. I’m in a better position than last Saturday and let’s see how far I can go. I’ll try to do a smart race, push when I have to and see where our pace takes us. I want to have a good race “


“My pace is quite good and we have seen an improvement in performance on one lap, I was able to go to Q2 without many problems, with margin, and I was able to do a good Q2 and half a second is not so much considering the problems in qualifying. . I think I have been quite solid and I see myself prepared to fight tomorrow for whatever comes next, normally in the race we work “


“Jorge is a very fast guy on one lap and he knew he would be very good at pole positions here and with the Ducati. Congratulations and if I were a Ducati I would not be happy and let’s see if tomorrow I can grow in the race and be there too “

“I remember that in Moto3 he was always very fast and took pole position and I won the races, even if it happened like in Moto3 (laughs). He has done a great job “


“This time I don’t think we will find anything else, we would have to search very well. We have to adjust the electronics issue a bit, there is always room for improvement, see how the weather will be, I have rhythm, I look good, but I don’t know where I’m going to be. In the last race I got ahead without any problems and I hope to get there a little earlier and fight a few laps before and have a chance to win and keep the Ducati away on the straight. Zarco will be strong, Maverick is strong, Pecco will be there too. I see the top 10 with something more than the rest and among these people we will play the ballots in the last round and whoever manages the tires better will take it “


“He should not be crushed, one Saturday all the stars align and he makes you a front row, and if he did it, it means that he is not old. We have to be clear about who he is, he is having a hard time, yes, but you have to look at the times that are very tight. He has had a problem for sure because 21 is not his position and we know it- In the last race at the end he was one of the only ones who rode in 1’55 and if you are old you do not do it “