Miquel Jaume Roig, founder and president of Palma Futsal, dies

Miquel Jaume Roig, 67-year-old president of Palma Futsal, has passed away this Wednesday, as reported by the family of the top leader and founder of the club and the entity itself. Miquel Jaume, according to the released statement, has not been able to overcome a heart intervention to which he had been subjected in the last hours.

From Mundo Deportivo we join the signs of love and support both to the relatives of Miquel Jaume Roig and to the members of Palma Futsal, of which he had been the soul since its foundation until today.

This is the released statement by club and family:

“The family of Miquel Jaume Roig and Palma Futsal regret having to communicate the death of Miquel Jaume Roig , president and founder of Palma Futsal. We are all dismayed by the news we have just heard of the death of the president, owner and founder of the club, unable to overcome a heart operation to which he has been subjected in the last hours. It is a very difficult time for the family and all of us who make up their sports family.

Miquel Jaume Roig leaves us 67 years old and after a lifetime dedicated to his family and sports. We are dismayed with his passing. We appreciate all the signs of affection.

Family of Miquel Jaume Roig and Palma Futsal ”.