Mind-blowing: a dog faces a lioness … and is victorious!

It is not usual to see a brave dog stand up to a lioness. This is what happened on January 8, and they caught a group of tourists visiting the Gir Forest National Park in India.

In the video you can see the brave dog sneaking away from the lioness, which had previously caught him. With a quick and surprising movement the stray dog ​​manages to free himself from the claws of the lioness, and not happy about it comes face to face with the big cat.

Another animal would have ‘got out on its feet’ when it freed itself from the lioness, but this particular dog shows enormous courage by standing up to it. Even gave him time to dodge a claw. Such is the bewilderment that the lioness takes away, that immediately afterwards she is stunned and ends up leaving the place.

Parveen Kaswan from the Indian Forest Services shared the video on her Twitter account, and soon it went viral with more than 200,000 views and thousands of ‘likes’.