Miller on the incident with Mir: ‘I was tired of so much touch’

The australian Jack Miller (Ducati Desmosedici GP21) he had no problem commenting on his incident with Joan Mir, of which he said that he had hit him “three times in the middle of the curve” and that he was tired “of so much touch”.

“The SuzukI turn well, but he touched me three times in the corner quite hard and the truth is that he went long and then he came back trying to cut my line and he was already tired of so much touch “, recalls Miller, who assures that” I will see him more late, sure, and I’ll talk to him. It is not personal”.

“I understand that the Suzuki turns well and they are able to put the bike where they want and that we have potential on the straight and it is not easy for them, but three touches … It hit me in the second corner at the beginning of the race. Then I overtook him and he hit me again at turn six and turn ten, so I was already tired of so much touch, “insists the Australian rider.

“I felt relatively good for most of the race, but after contact with Mir I lost a lot of time and had to shoot to try to climb positions; then I started to suffer because my arm was riding and I had a lot of difficulties in the last four laps for that matter, “explains Miller. sensations, they were better than last week and he could fight more. He was there and we finished five seconds away from victory, but again ninth, so we have a lot of work to do, “continued the driver from Ducati.

“I will go to the hospital in the next few days to have my compartment syndrome fixed because I had some problems in the tests, but with this compact season we have to find a faster solution”, admits Jack Miller about his physical problems in his arms.