Militao: ‘Winning a Champions League would be incredible, it’s everyone’s dream’

Eder Militao was the protagonist of a new installment of Campo de estrellas, by Realmadrid TV. The Brazilian central defender reviewed his career and arrival at the Madrid club. He also spoke of the present and the future.

Real Madrid

“I hope to stay here my whole life. It also depends on me, to work every day and take care of myself so that everything goes well. Winning a Champions League would be incredible, it is everyone’s dream. I hope I don’t win just one. I have to always think positive. I believe that I can succeed and give the fans a lot of joy. I want to win many titles and make history at Real Madrid. This is my dream”.

the beginning

“I started playing football a bit late, but I had a club, which was where my father worked. When I told him I wanted to play, he was surprised. The children asked my father if he played well and he said he did not know. I was the last to be chosen, but when the game started everyone was amazed. From there I started to want to play. I learned many things, I matured and I am still learning day by day ”.

Signing for Madrid

“When I signed for Real Madrid things happened very quickly. In less than a year I was in Madrid realizing a dream. I’m with great players, all idols. It is a happiness to be in the best club in the world ”.

Relationship with Casemiro

“Casemiro and I talk a lot, it helps because he is older. Rodrygo, Vinicius and I are newer and he helps us. For me he is a brother because we have a similar trajectory. We both came from São Paulo and in the national team he also helps me, both on and off the pitch. We are always talking, he is a brother to me, he helps me a lot ”.

Debut with Real Madrid

“In my debut I felt nervous, but I think it’s normal. I was happy to play my first game and make a dream come true. Also for my family and for all the people who see me happy. I’m shy outside, but on the field I don’t know what happens. I don’t like to lose, I want to win and I think that’s why I transform. I am focused and I leave everything during the game ”.

First season

“My first year was an apprenticeship because it was a new league for me. I think I played some good games and that was my learning. I won a title for Real Madrid on penalties and I was a bit nervous. But when we won the feeling was of joy and pride ”.

What does it mean to be at Real Madrid?

“There is a bit of pressure to be at Real Madrid, at the best club in the world. But it’s a good thing, I like it. We have Varane and Ramos, who have won many things together. There is also pressure because I have to work, but I do it and that’s it. I have to show what I am capable of in each game, on a day-to-day basis, in training. I am going to find my space little by little and respecting others ”.