Milik’s ‘no’ to Roma gives air to Luis Suárez

Suarez may have found in Napoli striker Azrek Milik a ally in his intention of ending up at the Juventus. The tip of the southern Italian team, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, has rejected the offer of the Rome, who had already reached an agreement with Naples for his transfer.

And its refusal, momentary at least, rebounds the exit of the Bosnian Edin
Dzeko from Rome to the Juventus, which seemed to be practically closed to the detriment of Luis
Suarez: The ‘vecchia signora’ does not plan to incorporate two ‘9’ of the stature of the Uruguayan and of Dzeko himself, so the signing of one practically rules out the other.

Milik’s momentary refusal destroys the Naples-Roma-Juventus house of cards

The Rome had come to an agreement with him Naples for the transfer of Milik by twenty
millions fixed plus 5 in bonuses. Milik was offered a contract of 5 million euros net per season. And the position that the Pole came to occupy in the ‘giallorosso’ box opened the exit doors of Dzeko, which was heading the way out towards the Juve for 16 million euros and a biannual contract at a rate of almost 7 ‘kilos’ net per season that could reach 13.5 depending on the objectives achieved.

However, now this whole house of cards has collapsed because of the ‘no” From Milik to the offer of Roma, which paralyzes the operation and gives a weather
extra Luis Suárez to resolve his situation and ‘get ahead’ of Dzeko on his landing at Juventus.