Miley Cyrus confesses the unexpected use she gives to her erotic toys

Miley Cyrus has shown on very few occasions that there is nothing left of that Disney girl who rose to fame for her popular role on “Disney Channel.” The singer has been protagonist of many tones and controversial due to their eccentricities, looks and commented performances. Cyrus, who has never had a great sense of shame, wanted to share with everyone how is your sex life alone.

In an interview on the Sirius XM radio show ‘Barstool Sports’, the singer surprised listeners by revealing her unconventional use of her erotic toys. She herself acknowledged on the air that, apart from the habitual use of these sexual ‘gadgets’, Cyrus He also uses them as decorative elements in his home.

“I like erotic toys. I buy them for myself but I end up using them for interior design. Truly, sex and interior design are two things that go hand in hand, ”the singer began by revealing. The problem, he emphasizes, comes from his inability to decide on the wide variety on the market: “I can choose what fucking color I want my sofa to be, but I’m unable to decide, so I end up choosing three fucking colors,” he confessed.

“I have had enough sex through FaceTime”

Rational in love

Despite her carefree lifestyle, Miley Cyrus is clear about what she wants from relationships and assures, as advice, “Be logical and do not fall prey to emotion”. “Make a fucking list,” he continued, “and assess what that person is doing to contribute to your life, and what they are subtracting from it, and make an executive decision. And if you are not happy, go away ”.

In addition, she uses her personal experience as an example, stating that “the only time I have felt playing a role in my personal life has been when I was involved in relationships that no longer worked.

Singer Miley Cyrus makes a shocking revelation.

Sexual relations in times of coronavirus

Since her relationship with the singer ended Cody Simpson, Cyrus has confessed that he has switched to virtual relationships. “I’ve had quite a bit of FaceTime sex,” she revealed, “it’s the safest sex. I will not catch the Covid. I’m not going to do things that could put me at risk, or that could put other people at risk ”.