Milan’s message to Diakhaby and Valencia

The alleged racist insult of John
Creek, player of the Cadiz, to the midfielder of Valencia
Diakhaby is bringing tail. “Black shit” the Andalusian team player would have said to the French during the game (2-1) at the Nuevo Ramón de Carranza.

Valencia wanted to withdraw from the game, but they were threatened with a sanction and Javi Gracia’s team was forced to continue. This type of event, which has not happened in LaLiga for a long time, does continue to occur frequently in the Premier League and in other European leagues such as the French one. On the field and in the stands. And not only racists but also homophobic.

In this sense, the clubs try to curb and show their rejection of this type of attitude. AC Milan sent a message of support to Diakhaby and Valencia through a tweet this Monday. “We are saddened to hear of more racist incidents that are shaking the world of football. Together, we must continue to fight to raise awareness in the name of tolerance and inclusion. “