Milan ultras threaten Donnarumma

Donnarumma He was involved yesterday Saturday in an uncomfortable mess when he went to Milanello to exercise together with his companions. The goalkeeper of Milan, which has stopped its renewal with the Lombard club, they had them with a group of ultras of the team, according to Sky Sports.

The fact is that, at a given moment, the ultras ask for a meeting with the goal, who has been in the orbit of PSG for a long time, and after thinking about it for a few minutes, he agreed. From there, the conversation got complicated and the fans threatened the goalkeeper, warning him not to go out and play against Juventus this Sunday if he did not sign the renewal.

Obviously, neither Donnarumma nor the club are going to accept threats, although the issue of the extension of the contract of the young Italian goalkeeper is still latent. It is said that the Lombard club would already be looking for a replacement in case things go wrong.