Milan ends big

He Milan of Zlatan Ibrahimovic He finished his participation in Serie A with very good feelings and a resounding victory against Cagliari with his mind already on vacation. After 10 minutes, the Pioli were already winning thanks to a good action by Leao, whose shot touched the post before KlavanWithout reaction time and without wanting to, he would introduce the ball into his own goal.

On the edge of rest Ibrahimovic had in his boots the possibility of increasing the income of the Milan on the scoreboard from eleven meters but Cragno he perfectly guessed the launch. The local team, far superior from start to finish, was unleashed at the restart with Ibra as a stiletto. The Swede took revenge for the wrong penalty with a great goal from the house. A counter very well carried out by Theo Hernández ended with the leather in the feet of the Swede, who took a dry and powerful shot that slipped through the Cagliari goalpost. A few days after turning 39, Ibra He has rope for a while: he has scored 11 goals and distributed five assists since he returned to Serie A.

Two minutes later, a good combination between Bonaventura and Castillejo ended the Andalusian with an excellent maneuver in the area. He received from the back, controlled with the right, turned to get rid of and defined the left half-turn.

The 3-0 triumph on the scoreboard was the signal for Milan to lift his foot a little from the accelerator and let the minutes pass without mishaps.