Milan break their losing streak at San Siro against Genoa

The Milan He smiled again at San Siro. Seven games have had to happen for Stefano Pioli’s team to add another three points at home, where they also recovered their best game, albeit lacking in punch, against a Genoa that was inferior, but had a clamorous one to tie at the end (2-1).

Without IbrahimovicRafael Leao was in charge of occupying the attacking point, and that was noticeable in the impact in the rival area. But he entered the game well on Milan, moving the ball fast and finding spaces to put the ball in. Via Calhanoglu, eagerly, the plays were linked. A foul thrown by the Turk repelled the barrier and fell on Rebic, who gave power to his left foot to make the first (13 ’).

Perin, who was unable to do anything in the Croatian’s goal, had to work on outs to lateral centers and on shots that did not catch the ‘rossoneri’ goal. The shot that Pioli’s team missed was the Genoa, with Destro heading a corner kick to tie (37 ‘).

The second half was a carbon copy. Football Milan, but rarely. Nor with Mandzukic’s entry for reference. Had to overtake the team again Scamacca, who scored on his own when he turned around and did not follow with his eyes a ball hanging in the area that hit his back (68 ’). Kjaer, Calhanoglu and Rebic had them to increase the locker room, but even the match could be missed by Milan if Tomori and Kjaer had not taken a double chance from Genoa on the line in the 86th minute.

In the end, victory, tranquility and let’s see what happens between Juventus and Atalanta.