Mila Ximénez, on the last party of Guti’s daughter: ‘There you don’t just drink water with mystery …’

Just two weeks ago the tremendous commotion caused after the birthday party of Zayra Gutierrez. However, the young woman seems to have forgotten everything she learned. As if it was not the issue with her, the daughter of ‘Guti‘ and Aratxa de Benito has decided to go party again. And what is worse, he has shouted it from the rooftops through his Instagram account with several stories.

The journalist Mila Ximenez, very upset by the images, she has asked the young woman’s mother to call her urgently “if she is interested in knowing what happened.”

“As a mother, I had goose bumps. Not only do you drink water with mystery, but things happened there, unusual for me they speak of an almost medical incidence. And if the mother is interested in knowing what happened at her daughter’s party, call me, ”insisted the ‘Save me’ collaborator.

Mila Ximénez and Kiko Matamoros in ‘Sálvame’.

For its part, Zayra has categorically denied this controversial. “There is nothing to talk about, what I have done is legal, the place is legally open,” the young woman transmitted to the ‘Telecinco’ microphones.