Mikel Merino: ‘We had deep inside to win a title with this club’

Mikel Merino has been named best player of the final against Athletic in the Copa del Rey final. The Real Sociedad midfielder has valued the title achieved in La Cartuja, emphasizing the work and the work of all his teammates.

The first thing you have thought

“The first thing that crossed my mind was to scream as loudly as my lungs could. Then look for the faces of my colleagues, because we have worked hard for this. It’s been a long time with this final on the horizon and I think we are a family. I am very proud of all of them. We had deep inside to win a title with this club. I have thought about them, how proud I am of them and how happy I am to be Cup champions ”.

Oyarzabal’s penalty

“We have a person who has spectacular calm and tranquility in the decisive moments. He is a benchmark within the team for something. I was very calm because I know what works so that things go well when they have to go out. I knew he was going to put it in. Confidence is key and he is full of it ”.

Ideal approach

“The approach is something that we had studied. They have proposed a game that was within what we sensed. Imanol’s approach has been very successful in minimizing its strengths. We have also taken advantage of our chances of having the ball. Everything is worked, there are many behind. We are very happy to have done the right thing “

Physical discomfort

“It has been a difficult few days. For a couple of games I had been dragging some discomfort in my back that was preventing me from being at 100%. In the last game I was touched by that area. I had a hard time moving, even walking at first. We decided that it was best to give me a few days to try to recover and try to be near my maximum level. I have tried to give the body time to recover. And I think we have succeeded ”.