Mikel Arteta asks for calm with Torreira

In it Atlético de Madrid are waiting for the return of Luke
Torreira, who has been in Uruguay for a couple of weeks, where he was displaced due to the deterioration of the health of his mother, who finally died as a result of the covid. A hard blow for the footballer, to whom the rojiblanco club has given all the time it needs to recover, although they have him for this week.

The person comes first, he came to say a few days ago Diego Simeone. Something that is shared in the mattress entity. And also at Arsenal, the club that owns the Uruguayan rights. A few days ago, his coach, Mikel Arteta, showed his concern about the low participation of the midfielder at Atlético.

And now, the ‘gunner’ coach has returned to speak about the player’s situation, although from a more personal point of view, after Lucas’ statements in which he assured that one of his objectives was to play in Boca Juniors.

“Of course, we have contacted. We talk to him and we know how difficult this moment is for him. He was very attached to his mother and is very attached to his family. It is a difficult time for him and emotionally there are many thoughts that go through his mind. When things are like this, it is not the time to make decisions. I understand how you feel emotionally. You probably feel the need and responsibility to be closer to your family. But now is not the time to make decisions and it is certainly a decision that must be made by several parties. Now nothing is going to change. It is just an interview with some comments. We will see what happens ”, declared the Basque.