Mike Tyson opens up about his most terrible addiction: ‘I realized I was dead’

“I used to do drugs with cocaine and I had given up on life, but when I tried the toad it was a boom. I realized that he was dead “. With these words he has confessed Mike tyson about one of his most serious addictions in a interview with ‘youtuber’ Logan Paul.

It is a substance known as 5-MeO-DMT, produced in large quantities by the ‘Bufo alvarius’, a rare species of toad, better known as ‘Colorado river toad’ or ‘Sonoran desert toad’: “It’s completely different, your body stays here and your soul is detached. It makes you feel like God for a moment. “, the boxer explained.

“I felt that the sun was splitting in two and the air was coming towards me and then I said to my partner‘ are you seeing this? ’. And he: “See what?” “Stop joking with me, I know I’m sorry.” “But Mike I don’t see anything.” And I kept saying, “Stop playing with me.” I thought they were making me a joke because with the boys we usually play jokes so I told him ‘I know you’re seeing it too,’ ”he continued.

Mike Tyson signs the contract for his new match smoking a joint!

Let us remember that, currently, the world champion is owner of a major cannabis plantation. Is named ‘Tyson Ranch’ (“Tyson’s Ranch”) and is located in California.

Mike Tyson owns the famous Cannabis plantation 'Tyson Ranch'
Mike Tyson owns the famous Cannabis plantation ‘Tyson Ranch’