Miguelón: ‘We have reached the end as we wanted, depending on ourselves’

Miguel Llambrich, ‘Miguelón’, begins to see the end of the tunnel after having lived through two very hard months. He was injured against Mallorca and went under the knife on February 19, saying goodbye to the season due to a serious muscle injury to the rectus anterior of the left leg.

But the right wing parakeet, a ‘fixed’ for Vicente Moreno Until his injury, he turns the page and already thinks about next season, when he will be a Espanyol player in property since the club will execute his option. For now, looks at him from the sidelines and congratulates himself on the good time of the team, touching the ticket back to Primera and without depending on anyone. A comeback in style. “We have to think about next season, when we will surely be in First Division ”, has slipped, feeling part involved in the project.

“I see the team very well up there. Right now every victory is very much enjoyed; we have reached the end of the season as we wanted, depending on ourselves”, He highlighted, excited in statements to the club’s official media. Although he quickly clarified that “We have not achieved anything yet. We go game by game, but the team is at a splendid level ”.

About your personal situation, Miguelón acknowledges being “much better. Now I am going out more to the field and for that reason I am happier, not as before only in the gym and more bored ”, he confesses. And now the point has come to get in shape “after losing so much muscle mass for a month, month and a half, that I have been at home doing nothing.”