Miguel: ‘The dressing room has made me feel very special’

Miguel Gutierrez put the final touch against him Villarreal On the last day of the league to one of the most important seasons of a short career as a footballer: that of his debut with the Real Madrid first team.

The youth squad, straddling the Castile from Raúl González Blanco and the team of Zinedine Zidane, He wanted to take stock of the course just finished through a message on his social networks in which he wanted to highlight his jump to Madrid. The left-back made his debut with the white team against him Cadiz in the Ramon de Carranza and since then he has participated in the rest of Madrid’s games in the League, being a starter in the last three against him grenade, the Athletic and the Villarreal.

“A very special course for me is ending, with incredible moments and hard days, but which involve great learning. On the face of the coin is the fight and the growth in the Castile. With the youngest group in the category we almost ascended to 2nd. I can’t be prouder, ”he said of the affiliate.

“There is also my performance with the first team and having been part of a dressing room in which they have made me feel very special, that they have fought to the end and that they have remained standing despite adversity,” he said about his experience. in the first team.

“On the cross, those moments in which doubts want to be stronger than certainties. But, without a doubt, everything good weighs much more. It has not been easy to get here, but I want more and I will work for it. Now it’s time to rest and recharge, “he said in the message posted on his social networks.